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Sandwich platter £25.00 (30 pieces)

A selection of filled sandwiches

Cake assortment £28.00

A selection of cakes & pastries

Chicken Fillet Platter £28.00 (25 pieces)

Chicken breast skewers with roasted vegetables, marinated in a variety of flavours 25 pieces

Oriental Platter £50.00 (60 pieces)

An array of Chinese & Thai Skewers, Spring rolls, dim sum, satays & dips.
Served with Spring onion & cucumber batons and salad garnish

Meat platter £60.00 (70 pieces)

A selection of sliced & skewered meats with a variety of flavours.
Served with sausage rolls, picnic eggs, pork pies, cocktail sausages & chicken goujons.

Our signature cheeseboard £50.00 (serves 20)

A variety of well picked cheeses, chutneys & jams.
Served with Crackers, grapes, olives, tomatoes & baby peppers

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